RockDove Solutions is based in Reston, Virginia. We’re a privately held, women-owned business that serves hundreds of institutions, large and small, public and private, in the rapidly growing enterprise mobile marketplace. Our award-winning flagship product, In Case of Crisis, helps institutions make their crisis management, business continuity, emergency preparedness, and workplace safety plans accessible and operational anytime, anywhere, always.

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The RockDove Team

We are located in the Northern Virginia DC Metro area

12110 Sunset Hills Rd, Suite 600
Reston, VA 20190

Meet the RockDove Team

Christopher Britton
Chief Operating Officer
Ray Baldwin
Chief Technology Officer

Sales Team

Corey Bryant
Regional Sales Manager
Gina Bell
Regional Sales Manager
Michele Luebbers
Regional Sales Manager
Mitch Witte
Regional Sales Manager
Neil Wright-Elliott
Regional Sales Manager
Chelsea Kothman
Regional Sales Manager
Brooke McVicker
Regional Sales Manager
Paul Drahos
Regional Sales Manager
Austin Shifflett
Regional Sales Manager

Client Success Team

Emily McKay
Client Success Team Lead
Lucas Rogers
Client Success Manager
Anthony Britton
Client Success Manager
Nicole Britt
Client Success Manager

Product, Marketing and Operations Team

Courtney Rowe
Product & Partner Manager
Megan Kaplar
Marketing Manager
Stephanie Myers
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Susy Moon
Graphics Design Specialist
Grace Ejiba
Sales Operations Manager

Development Team

David Hill
Jason Bohn
Nicholas Makmak
John Baldwin
Shaun Vaughn