2-Minute Crisis Preparedness Quiz

Find out out how your current crisis management plan stacks up against industry best practices.

How do corporations similar to your own handle crises?

What seems to be working that you have yet to incorporate into your own plan?

Below is a simple, and free*, 2-minute crisis preparedness quiz with a series of ten ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions to help you assess whether it is time to revisit and update your crisis management plans.

* Really, it is free, no cost or email address required to participate and see your score.

Armed with your score above, and with the lessons of 2020, is it time to assess your crisis preparedness now, before the next crisis hits?

If your scored revealed that it is time to fully audit your Crisis Plans, we've created a step-by-step guide to help you audit and then operationalize your plans.  Within the guide, you'll learn how to assess your response protocols, vulnerabilities, resources, technology and training, and become equipped to respond quickly and effectively to a fast-moving, modern crisis.

Issue and Crisis Management Audit

This guide takes you through a best-practice audit of your plan, as well as helping measure your updated plan’s performance and determine how to best move forward to prepare your organization for when the worst happens.

Learn how hundreds of organizations large and small are using our award-winning issue and crisis management platform, In Case of Crisis, to better prepare for and respond faster to emerging threats.