Are you going to the PRSA national conference in Austin?

woman using cell phone

We hope to meet you in person in the coming weeks as In Case of Crisis is going on a road trip in October.

First stop is the PRSA national conference (Booth 614) in Austin, Texas, which begins on Sunday October 7th.

At the PRSA event, we are also hosting a presentation to share the ‘New Rules of Crisis Management’, inspired by the book we published earlier this year, with content based on the thought leadership and best practices of the smartest crisis management experts in the business.

That presentation is on Monday, October 8th at 10.15am and the room is Lone Star D.

(If you are not one of the 2,000 people who have downloaded a free copy of the book – you can do so here.)

It’s been a terrific experience partnering with the national PRSA organization throughout 2018 to promote the book and the In Case of Crisis app.

I should declare an interest – for the past two years I’ve been a member of a great PRSA chapter in my home area of Tampa Bay.

The PRSA is primarily a learning organization and it’s more than 30,000 members are always fun to engage and have a real thirst for new ideas.

In Case of Crisis is still a new idea to many people, despite having more than 750 global brands using it  across all types and sizes of organization,

Oddly, in this digital age, crisis response plans still linger in three-ring binders and hard-to-access intranets with no functionality.

It will be fun in Austin sharing with the PRSA members how In Case of Crisis drives a speedy crisis response and effective collaboration of the crisis team during a (fictional) data breach.

And it’s all done on the one device that everyone always has with them – their smartphone.

And if you are not a member of the PRSA, or just cannot be in Austin for the national conference, then we’d be delighted to arrange a convenient time to share with you the new demonstration of the amazing capabilities of In Case of Crisis.

For those of you will be at the PRSA event – remember, we are at Booth #614 and we look forward to meeting you.