[Infographic] Audit Your Disaster Recovery Plan


Is your disaster recovery plan actionable? Most organizations would say that they take disaster recovery seriously, with plans and protocols in place for every possible situation. After all, no one wants their business to be vulnerable to a crisis. However, having a disaster recovery program in place isn’t the same as being truly prepared for a potential disaster. Truly successful preparation involves regular audits and reviews of your plans to ensure that each element is up to date and working as intended.  A quick decision-tree audit can help you assess your organization’s current level of preparedness. 


Audit Your Disaster Recovery Plan


About The Author

Christopher Britton is the Chief Operating Officer for RockDove Solutions, the developer of the In Case of Crisis solution. Mr. Britton oversees the revenue growth, client success and operations of the business. Mr. Britton brings to this effort a track record of creating high growth and successful organizations with a focus on solving real-life problems with creative and intuitive technology solutions. He leads a team of professionals who align the In Case of Crisis mobile solutions to client needs. Mr. Britton has had great success working with corporations, schools, NGOs and government institutions. Mr. Britton’s management successes span; IPOs, global expansions, new products, accelerated growth and profitability with public and private companies including; AT&T, Rosetta Stone, Interfolio and Vocus. Mr. Britton holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Dayton.