Test your crisis readiness with our new FREE tool!


Worried that a crisis today would catch you less than battle ready?

Has it been a while since you last revised your crisis plans?

Has your team recently been tested in a drill on managing a serious issue?

Have you kept up with new crisis-fighting technology in this digital world?

Is social media front and center in your crisis preparedness planning?

These are the questions that keep crisis communications managers awake at night.

Every day numerous brands face attacks on social media.

Every week another giant name in the corporate world looks less than ready to react effectively as a major issue eats at the fabric of its trust and reputation. Wells Fargo, Boeing, Equifax – you know the names.

But it’s tough to keep on top of your crisis response preparedness.

Many of you who are responsible for issues and crisis management in your organizations also have other, significant responsibilities.

Plus, it takes time and investment to bring plans up to date and train teams – commodities that are in short supply in any organization. 

Too often crisis plans don’t make it to the top of the budget for funding – “We’ll wait until next year”.

Which is why we’ve created a quick and easy way for you to test the crisis readiness of your organization or brand – The Crisis Preparedness Assessment.

And it’s free to use!

The interactive tool poses the ten key questions which point to best practices.

Once you’ve completed the assessment, it automatically gives you a score based on your answers.

Then you are offered suggestions about how to address the weaknesses in your crisis preparedness.

Use the In Case of Crisis Preparedness Assessment to guide your planning – and to demonstrate to colleagues that the organization needs more time and investment to protect itself when the worst happens.

Complete your own assessment right now!

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