The 5 Most Read Crisis Management Blog Topics in 2018


The most fascinating lessons in crisis management are not taught in a classroom or found in the pages of a dry textbook.

They are drawn from how other people manage very real threats!

That much is apparent from our list of the five most read blogs on this site in 2018.

  1. Number one on the list (and the 2nd most popular read of all time) was an examination of the lessons, good and bad, from three high profile crises – United Airlines & Dr Dao, Equifax & its data leak and KFC & its lack of chicken for sale.
  2. The second most popular blog also analyzed three recent situations. This time we lauded the responses of Starbucks to its race related controversy in Philly, Southwest’s first ever on-board fatality and KFC’s award-winning handling of that chicken shortage.
  3. The number three most popular read was a deeper look at the good and bad of Starbuck’s response to the incident in that Philly store (which eventually resulted in the company closing all stores for half a day of racial sensitivity training for every employee).
  4. Number four also revisited a high-profile crisis, in which Southwest got full marks for a terrific handling of a difficult and tragic situation.
  5. The fifth most popular blog was a little different – it looked at the changing legal considerations for crisis management in the digital age, drawing from a chapter in our e-book, ‘The New Rules of Crisis Management’, authored by former criminal prosecutor and now communications consultant, Robert Winston.

Thanks for your continued interest in our blog – 2019 is already shaping to be a fascinating year for other peoples’ crises!