The Change We’re Keeping in 2021


RockDove Solutions 2020 End of Year Post

2020 has been an exhausting year for everyone, especially for those in Emergency Preparedness, Crisis Management, Corporate and Crisis Communications, and Business Continuity. The worldwide pandemic was an ever present threat, further complicated by natural disasters, supply chain disruptions, distributed workforces, civil unrest and a turbulent election. Some have had first-hand experience with the virus, some have taken care of,  and very sadly, lost loved ones. Many are struggling. Many are confused, scared, and anxious about what is ahead of us in 2021.

With so many challenges to overcome comes a lot of change.  As we look to 2021, the RockDove Solutions Team has decided to reflect on the changes we made, and find the ones worth keeping in the new year. This is not meant to minimize the harsh reality of an incredibly difficult year, rather, to help us focus on the positive and maintain a grateful attitude.  

The changes we’re keeping in 2021:

“Meals together with the family.”
~ Chris Britton, Chief Operations Officer

Family Meals
Family Time

“During the pandemic, I changed my life to spend more quality time with my family. I value this time with them greatly and will continue to find ways to share more quality time together in 2021 (even after the effects of the pandemic subside).”
~ Jeff Robertson, Senior Director of IT

“I added new hobbies, cooking more, puzzles/board games, and playing golf.”
~ Corey Bryant, Senior Sales Executive

New Hobbies
Holiday Message Icons 200-Nicole

“Logging more miles on my peloton bike!”
~ Nicole Britt, Senior Client Success Manager

“Exercising everyday!”
~ Susy Moon, Graphic Designer

Just Married!

“I made many changes in 2020, but most importantly, I got married! So, I'll be changing my last name and keeping it that way in 2021 (and beyond).”
~ Emily deBettencourt, Director of Client Success

“Incorporate shadow boxing as a part of cardio.”
~ Anthony Britton, Senior Client Success Manager

Holiday Message Icons 200-Courtney2

“Reading at least one book per month and meeting with friends to discuss!”
~ Courtney Wright, Director of Product Management 

“This year I decided to work on kindness as my primary reaction to my surroundings. I look forward to bringing all of my successes and lessons into 2021!”
~ Mickayla Bachar, Quality Assurance Tester

Kindness and Happiness

Maryland is Now Home!

“In 2020, I moved from Virginia to Maryland, so being a Marylander/Marylandian is a change I'm keeping in 2021.”
~ Jonathan Irwin, Content Formatting Specialist

“Friday night movie nights with my family!”

~ Megan Kaplar, Director of Marketing
Movie Night!

“I started a kickboxing challenge early in 2020 and found ways to stick with it throughout quarantine. It has been a great way to manage stress and get fit at the same time.”
~Maggie Stevens, Senior Director of Marketing

“I’ve been reading more and also started drawing again.”
~ Rob Bruce, Director Enterprise Sales and Partnerships

Reading and Drawing

While, this year was especially difficult, thankfully, there have been silver linings. Out of challenges comes new opportunities. Out of working and learning from home,  comes bonus time with family. Changes in routine, meant finding new routines. Out of activism comes changes for the better.

As the year comes to a close, we hope you get a break over the holidays to enjoy quality time with family, and loved ones.  We wish you, your team, and your family a happy, prosperous, and most of all, a safe new year.

~ The RockDove Solutions Team

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