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3 Crisis Management Case Studies We Can Learn From

Of the more than 27 million U.S. businesses in operation, an incredible 99 percent are small businesses with fewer than 500 employees. These smaller firms are arguably the most vulnerable to emergencies. In fact, nearly 40 percent of small businesses close following a disaster. This is proof that small businesses need to be effectively prepared for any crises that may hit. 

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Three Recent Crisis Management Case Studies That We Can Learn From

It’s been a wild and fascinating period recently in the world of crisis management. Let’s take a look at three highly visible crisis management case studies from the past year, looking in particular at what we can learn from them:

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What Is A Business Contingency Plan & How To Create One

“What if?”

It’s the question that haunts any business continuity professional throughout his or her career. Of course, there are a million possibilities that might occur at any time. But creating a business contingency plan can at least help you to prepare for the unknown.

Here, we take a look at the basics of business contingency planning, as well as how to create a plan for your own organization.

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