Why are you waiting months for that huge crisis plan to be complete?

virtual document

You finally got the budget to write a new crisis plan.

You set off on the journey to build the plan with a cheery tune on your breath and hope in your heart.

It’s now been months.

The draft plan is long, really long.

But even now it’s not complete.

More departments, colleagues, clients want input and revisions.

And you are not even close to Legal review.

Meanwhile, your organization is no better prepared to respond quickly and effectively to an emerging issue than it was months ago when you began this process.

To break your heart even more – you may have not needed the plan in the first place.

Increasingly clients of In Case of Crisis are adopting the app immediately, without waiting for a monolithic new plan to be budgeted or completed.

A noted college captured the spirit of the day when it told us recently that what it wanted was the power of the app to have its team activated quickly, access easy-to-use tools and collaborate seamlessly to manage the school’s response to the many issues it faces every week.

The college did not rule out writing a plan later covering more detailed scenarios – but it was comfortable beginning with the deployment of In Case of Crisis immediately.

The content on the app for this increasingly popular, more evolved digital crisis preparedness is a series of ‘smart protocols’.

What are ‘smart protocols’?

They are:

  • Actionable documents that guide the team’s response to any issue.
  • Easy to read and use.
  • Checklists and decision-making guidelines.
  • Crisp, clear policies for assessing quickly the level of risk
  • Step-by-step escalation procedures, depending on the level of risk.

What they are not is long, difficult to read and even harder to use.

There is a wonderful In Case of Crisis case study on our website, focused on one of the world’s largest full service restaurant companies, Dine Brands, franchisor of Applebee’s and IHOP.

In that case study, Bill Taylor, executive director of risk management, recalls that before bringing the company’s risk management into the digital era with In Case of Crisis, all plans, information and resources were stored in a massive binder which the team had dubbed, ‘The Green Monster’.

So, before you set off on the long, lonely crisis plan journey, you may discover an alternative right where you are.

Get up and running immediately with In Case of Crisis, based on content that is quickly developed around ‘smart protocols’, to provide your team with instant access to tools and information to collaborate on a fast and effective response to any issue.