Should You Build a Mobile Solution In House to Operationalize Your BC Plans?

Today just 49 percent of organizations report that they have a business continuity plan in place. Even at those companies with a business continuity management (BCM) plan, 40 percent admit that it is not truly “actionable”.

If you suspect your hard-copy plan is not truly actionable, now is the time to transition to a mobile BCM solution, before the next incident occurs. As is the case with many of today’s technology platforms, you have the option to either build your own BCM software or partner with a mobile business continuity software vendor.

This guide will help you:

  1. Determine if you need a mobile business continuity software solution
  2. Weigh all the costs associated with building versus buying BCM software
  3. Decide whether you will build something in-house or buy an off-the-shelf platform

Download your guide now and begin weighing the pros and cons of building in-house versus buying a proven platform.


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