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Over a period of two weeks, you will walk through a six step business continuity course that explores ways to ensure employees are better equipped to handle any potential threat and quickly recover from a crisis. After this course, you should be prepared to update your BCM plan and training to better prepare employees for recovering from and resuming business after a disaster.

By always considering the human element of business continuity, you will ensure that employees are better equipped to handle any potential threat. Meanwhile, implementing best practices for business continuity, and leveraging new technologies, will empower your organization to achieve true resilience.

6 Step BCM Course Includes:

  • Step 1: The human factor in your disaster recovery plan
  • Step 2: Preparing employees for a crisis
  • Step 3: Crisis time: Can your employees recover?
  • Step 4: Crisis recovery: Evaluating employees’ return to normalcy
  • Step 5: Moving on: Your role after a crisis
  • Step 6: Leveraging technology to help employees recover from a crisis
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