The Dilemma

Emergency communication is a priority for HMS, however, they found it difficult to effectively communicate with the mass notification solution it had been using.

  • They couldn't keep employee records current despite their best efforts
  • Manually updating their platform was time consuming
  • Emergency management plans and information was not easily accesible 

The Solution

George Macrelli, Senior Director, Security Assurance, at HMS was researching for alternatives to their mass notification system when he discoved the In Case of Crisis app. Macrelli wanted a solution that removed much of the administrative burden placed on him and the employees responsible for crisis management and IT disaster recovery. The manual updating of HMS’s previous platform was extremely time-consuming, and it didn’t include robust information sharing tools. RockDove Solutions’ innovative application provided an answer to these problems

After determining RockDove Solutions could help HMS achieve its goals, implementation began in 2015. Macrelli uploaded crisis plans to the application for each individual office—25 in all—as well as 15 additional plans for various departments and groups (e.g., executives, DR teams, finance,
marketing, HR, and so on). 

One feature of In Case of Crisis that Macrelli was especially enthused about was how users were inputted and identified in the system—by their work email addresses. When new employees are on-boarded, they are automatically added to the system; when they leave and their work email addresses are deactivated, they are removed.

How We Helped

  • Simplified adding users based off of employee email address
  • Allowed for important notifications are sent to all employees, not just users who have downloaded the app
  • Automated updates with identity management system— users automatically entered when they are hired, deleted when they leave the company
  • Ability to create 40 unique plans (for 25 HMS offices and 15 user groups)
  • Templates to simplify companywide changes, so that if a change must be made, it’s made once and not 40 times


HMS is a cost containment solution company in healthcare, with 25 business offices and approximately 2,700 employees nationwide.

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