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It seems every year a major retailer is em
broiled in an executive scandal, product-related crisis, social media firestorm, or similar emergency situation. In just the last few years, we have seen well-known brands become the subject of countless news articles, social media complaints, boycotts, and more—all due to the way in which they have handled one crisis or another.

For retailers, effective crisis management can be the difference between ensuring ongoing success and planning a going-out-of-business sale. Luckily, there are examples all around us that demonstrate what to do—and what not to do—during a retail crisis.

Download this ebook to learn about how major retailers have handled past mistakes, and what you can do to prevent them in the future. Chapters include topics such as:

  • 6 real life example of crisis management mistakes in retail
  • 7 lessons learned from these mishaps
  • Tips for better crisis management

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“In Case of Crisis gets us away from the binder on the bookshelf. It’s updateable, when things change, we can just push it out, we don’t have to worry about pulling pages out of a three ring binder.”

John Koch Corporate Safety Manager at GNC

We have all seen what happens when an organization mishandles its early response to an emerging issue. RockDove Solutions has created a wonderful app that makes that early response ten times more effective than anything that exists without a digital solution."

Nick Ludlum Executive Vice President and North America Crisis and Issues Management Lead, Ogilvy PR