Is Your Crisis Plan Up-to-Date and Actionable?

Fewer than 50% of companies are truly prepared for a crisis—and many are relying on crisis plans that are not up-to-date or actionable.

The time to assess your crisis plan is before the next crisis hits. By completing a full audit, and assessing your communication response, vulnerabilities, and technology and training approach, you will be better equipped to maintain an actionable, up-to-date crisis management plan, now and in the years ahead.

This eBook will help you:

  1. Audit: Guide you through an audit of your plan
  2. Assess: Assessing your plan’s effectiveness
  3. Measure: Help you measure your updated plan’s performance
  4. Prepare: How to best move forward to prepare your organization for any crisis

Download your eBook now and begin assessing and operationalizing your crisis management plans.


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