In Case of Crisis

Purpose-built and developed for the dynamic issue and crisis management life-cycle.

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Always Prepared with Access to Critical Content 

The In Case of Crisis 365 platform offers easy access for your entire organization, supporting Microsoft Teams, and more than 2,000 different mobile device types across multiple operating platforms and browser access for issues management.

When accessed from the mobile app, content resides natively so even when disconnected from a network your team remains connected to the critical information they need.

Document and Respond to Emerging Issues Quickly and Effectively

Document and Respond to Emerging Issues Quickly and Effectively

Document, manage, and resolve incidents and issues that occur and escalate on a daily basis. Vital information including issue overview, artifacts, holding statements, protocols, checklists, forms, and communications tools are accessible, on-process and on-message all within a collaborative multi-platform workspace.

Avoid Confusion and Mistakes During a Crisis

Avoid Confusion and Mistakes with Actionable Playbooks

Clearly defined role-based access to actionable content eliminates uncertainty, confusion, and missteps, ensuring the critical response procedures you’ve developed are deployed and operationalized. As the situation changes, so can your information, content can be easily updated and synced across all devices.

"As [hurricane] Irma tracked across Florida, we had the ability to ask questions and share information about our team members’ location and well-being, their access to power and internet and gain assurances that they were all safe."


- George Macrelli, Senior Director, Security Assurance, HMS

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Improve Speed of Response with Secure Access to Collaborative Content and Communication

Access to content isn’t enough. Secure and varied communication options help your team collaborate and remain efficient, agile, and transparent.

Easy to use role-based Shared Checklists, Secure Chat, Polls, and Situational Reports reduce confusion and vulnerability.


Insightful Reporting without Friction

Real-time access to up-to-the-minute information in Situation Reports, the Executive Tracker Report and the Stakeholder/Influencer Reports ensure the team remains focused on their roles and responsibilities, while the platform provides the transparency required to keep everyone informed.

The After Action Reports document the lessons learned so that insights learned from, and processes improved. 

An Enterprise-Grade Solution Protects your Business in a Merciless Era

The bar for organizations has never been higher. There is no margin of error. To remain a step ahead, organizations need a solution that is as dynamic as the threats they are presented with.

With In Case of Crisis 365 you and your team have a solution encrypted end-to-end, hosted on a SOC 2 compliant server, enabled for single sign-on and integrated with your existing enterprise tools for secure access.

A dedicated team ensures you onboard, deploy and operationalize the critical content required for issue and crisis management.