Service Levels

In Case of Crisis is offered in three service levels, ensuring your organization has access to exactly what you need.

prepare Respond Respond
Access. Anytime. Anywhere
At home, office or in transit, you have access to our platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Currently supported on more than 2,000 different mobile device types across multiple operating platforms.
Enterprise Security and Privacy
In Case of Crisis supports a range of local, national and global companies, large and small, public and private across all vertical markets.
Actionable Playbook Publishing
The platform deploys your content, organizes your team, upholds your guidelines and automates your processes.
Push Notifications
Push notifications allow you to draw your audiences attention to an announcement or other important information.
Alerting and Polling Services
Whether alerting a few or thousands, the platform offers a suite of powerful communication services to support your program efforts.
Shared Checklist and Secure Chat
Platform native, collaborative communications help you manage and increase efficiency and clarity while reducing confusion and vulnerability.
Issues Management
Established protocols, vital information and communications tools are available with dynamic access specified by role, severity or threat.
Advanced Reporting
Archivable high-level and in-depth reports with access to the actions taken, communications sent and next steps planned.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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