Identify and document the requirements you need in an issue and crisis platform to support your organization.  

Whether your organization is responding to emerging issues that threaten your reputation or a critical event that impacts the continuity of your business, you need a platform that best prepares and enables your teams and stakeholders.  

Why Do I Need a Platform ?

As we’ve all seen play-out in the headlines, the cost of not executing an effective response can be catastrophic. Many companies struggle with implementing and executing the internal processes to effectively resolve emerging threats. 

Tabletops, traditional technologies and communication services are either not built for crisis response or lack the agility to address the ever-evolving nature of an emerging threat. An Issue and Crisis Management platform will help you and your team navigate emerging issues and deploy your crisis plans with the speed and agility you need. 

What Do I Look for in a Platform?

Each organization will have their own priorities, use this worksheet to document the top criteria that are most critical to your organization and create a comparison of the platform options you are considering. 


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