RockDove Solutions Examines Disaster Recovery Plans

Industry Leader's New Infographic Challenges Readers to Determine If Their Organizations Are Fully Prepared

RESTON, VA - (April 19, 2017) - RockDove Solutions, the developer of the In Case of Crisis mobile app, has created an infographic detailing how organizations can determine if their disaster recovery plans are sufficient for whatever crises might come their way. The infographic, Audit Your Disaster Recovery Plan, can be viewed at here.

Most organizations say they take disaster recovery seriously, with plans and protocols in place for every possible situation. However, having a DR program in place isn't the same as being truly prepared for a disaster. Successful preparation involves regular reviews and audits to ensure each element of a plan is up to date and working as intended. RockDove's new infographic presents a quick-decision tree that helps businesses assess their current level of preparedness. Other features of the infographic include:

  • Pertinent disaster recovery statistics
  • Results of being not prepared, somewhat prepared, and well prepared
  • Next steps organizations can take to improve their disaster preparedness

"No one wants their business to be vulnerable during a crisis," says Chris Britton, Chief Operating Officer of RockDove Solutions. "Many organizations believe their disaster recovery plans will be sufficient, only to be scrambling when a crisis does occur. Also, an in-progress crisis is the worst time to find out your plan isn't working. Our new infographic is a resource for companies that want to learn more about disaster recovery and what steps they can take to be better prepared."

For additional information about this new infographic or RockDove Solutions' services, visit the company's website at

About RockDove Solutions 
RockDove Solutions, developer of the award-winning mobile app, In Case of Crisis, gives you the ultimate speed of response in a crisis, with the ability to immediately access and activate plans. Used by over 750 public and private institutions in the rapidly growing enterprise mobile marketplace, RockDove Solutions' award winning crisis app prepares companies to quickly and effectively respond to crises. 


via Disaster Recovery Journal