RockDove Solutions Offers Plan for Improving Crisis Response Times

Aug. 2, 2017--RockDove Solutions, the developer of In Case of Crisis, an award winning enterprise mobile crisis management solutions used by over 750 institutions globally, announced today it is offering an email training course to help organizations and their crisis teams improve crisis response times. The training course, Conducting Mock Crisis Response Speed Tests is free and can be subscribed to at the following link:

In the current fast-moving digital age, a quick and confident crisis response is an absolute necessity. Unfortunately, a variety of factors, from a lack of information to communication problems, often prevents organizations from achieving this goal when a crisis does occur. Timely, well-crafted responses allow crisis teams to guide the story and set the tone. RockDove's new email training course is designed to help organizations improve response times in preparation for a real crisis that may or may never come. The course emails cover:
  1. Setting up a mock crisis test
  2. Executing a mock crisis test
  3. Assessing the results of the mock crisis
  4. Applying the lessons learned from the mock crisis
  5. Advice for improving crisis response time

"If your company was hit with a cyberattack, how quickly could you notify employees?" says Chris Britton, Chief Operating Officer of RockDove Solutions. "Or if a PR crisis started spreading quickly online, how long would it take for your crisis team to get out ahead of the story? Organizations face crises such as these and discover they are not prepared. Our new email training course gives companies actionable advice for practicing and improving crisis response so that if a real crisis does occur, teams will be prepared to emerge from it with minimal damage."

For additional information about RockDove Solutions' services, visit the company's website at

About RockDove Solutions

RockDove Solutions, developer of the award-winning mobile crisis management solution In Case of Crisis used by over 750 institutions on a global basis, helps organizations offer instant stakeholder access and activation of their crisis management plans, supporting a faster and more appropriate response. For more information, visit