Workplace Safety

Improve Workplace Safety with Instant Access to Guidelines and Incident Reporting

Use In Case of Crisis to prepare for the worst—and respond with the best.

Workplace safety is all about getting the right information into the hands of the right people at the moment they need it most. In Case of Crisis makes this easy by leveraging the power of mobile technology to operationalize workplace safety plans, streamline incident reporting, and provide employees with key information, directly on their mobile devices. You’ll achieve compliance, lower response times, and improve your overall safety record—while ensuring your people are ready for anything.


Create a safer, healthier, more prepared work environment

In Case of Crisis arms employees with the information they need.


Anytime, Anywhere Access

In Case of Crisis provides instant, one-touch access to workplace safety plans, ensuring employees know exactly what to do when an incident occurs.

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Easy-to-Reference Information

Our platform delivers your most up-to-date workplace safety information directly to users’ mobile devices, transforming lengthy documents into digital playbooks with easy-to-use checklists, flowcharts, and more.

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Streamlined Incident Reporting

Users can quickly and easily report incidents and provide updates with the app’s two-way messaging feature. Image and GPS location attachments add valuable insight to help stakeholders quickly understand what happened and why.

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Enterprise-Class Platform

Our enterprise-ready, integrated platofrm ensures your people have access to the right information to streamline your workplace safety and health functions, and improve EHS compliance.

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Reach Your Program Goals with Our World-Class Support

Your success is our success. We’re committed to providing you with the training and support you need to optimize your workplace health and safety. To ensure that happens, we dedicate a Client Success Manager to your efforts. You’ll start with a project kickoff, continue with training, and then work together through launch and beyond.