We'd like to show our appreciation!

Do you have a peer or colleague that you think would benefit from learning about In Case of Crisis? Has someone you've spoken with at a conference or meeting taken an interest in your mobile app initiative?

Many of our customers have spoken on our behalf at conferences and trade shows, sharing their experiences with the In Case of Crisis app. We know that word of mouth referrals are the best referrals, and you know your colleagues best. We've decided that the best way to show our appreciation is to start a referral program here at RockDove Solutions. 

In order to jump start this program, for every new company contact we receive, we will send a $25 Amazon gift card as a thank you. Based on your corporate policy, in lieu of gift cards, we are also happy to send along a small thank you gift to your office.

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“In Case of Crisis gets us away from the binder on the bookshelf. It’s updateable, when things change, we can just push it out, we don’t have to worry about pulling pages out of a three ring binder.”

John Koch Corporate Safety Manager at GNC

We have all seen what happens when an organization mishandles its early response to an emerging issue. RockDove Solutions has created a wonderful app that makes that early response ten times more effective than anything that exists without a digital solution."

Nick Ludlum Executive Vice President and North America Crisis and Issues Management Lead, Ogilvy PR