Prepare your people for hurricane season, while also navigating a pandemic.
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From global companies to small non-profits, hundreds of organizations trust In Case of Crisis to respond to thousands of issues quickly and confidently. The result is lives saved, reputations maintained, and shareholder value preserved.

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We had the ability to ask questions and share information about our team members' location and well-being.

George Macrelli Senior Director, Security Assurance, at HMS
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I didn't want to rely on paper emergency plans because our managers might be outside after an evacuation, or an emergency could hit while at home during off-hours.

Leah Sawyer Business Continuity Manager North America at Staples Inc. HQ
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The all-in-one functionality of the platform, all based on your mobile phone so you have it with you at all times.

Mark Hayes Vice President, External Communications, Farm Credit Council
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Natural Disaster Playbook

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In Case of Crisis is an award-winning crisis 

management platform that enables teams to collaborate with each other and key stakeholders, respond to emerging threats and engage response protocols intelligently.

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