Corporate Emergency Preparedness Plan


If your organization doesn’t take reasonable steps to prepare employees for a crisis, your organization and officers could face significant losses, decreased employee welfare, and even litigation. Use our In Case of Crisis app to make your corporate emergency preparedness plans accessible—and protect your organization and people from harm.

Instead of handing out paper copies or emailing your emergency action plan, our In Case of Crisis app acts as your organization’s all-in-one crisis app. From who to contact, to recommended procedures and guidelines by situation, your people are equipped to handle whatever happens.

With our app, you hand your employees the confidence of accessible resources during any crisis.



Your people gain instant access to approved emergency procedures, best practices, and contact lists—online or off.


Your people can submit incident reports from the app, so you can immediately know what’s happening—and where.


Send actionable notifications to your people. With a tap, they see the relevant in-app emergency plan.

Learn why organizations choose our app.

We had a storm coming up the eastern coastline, so we activated our Go Team, which is an emergency response team. In Case of Crisis gave us a way to make sure that everyone coming into the Florida markets from out of [the] region had all the documentation they needed and knew what to do.

David Kidd Vice President of Governance, Risk and Compliance at Peak 10

We are leveraging In Case of Crisis, and it definitely satisfies a lot of needs. It is a really good preventative tool for us.

Harold Upton Chief Information and Analytics Officer at Sunsweet

Our people need to know what their role in a crisis is. Using RockDove Solutions’ In Case of Crisis app, We’ve come up with a template that presents that information in a nice format, and allows the user to report an incident and tap a link to connect them to a conference call. This gets response teams the answers they need.

Roger Stearns Enterprise Risk Manager at Philips Lifeline

The robustness of the app was a key element. Now we don’t have to worry about making sure if we have the right cell number. We refresh every single day. That actually took a lot of weight off of us.

George Macrelli Senior Director at HMS

In Case of Crisis helped us develop and deploy a customized crisis app for our team members traveling overseas to support Team USA as they trained for the London 2012 Olympic Games. In addition to providing us with great app functionality, their collaborative approach helped us create a comprehensive resource to ensure our employees had the information they needed at the touch of a button.

Jeremy Gottlieb VP of Audit & Compliance at 24 Hour Fitness

In Case of Crisis gets us away from the binder on the bookshelf. It's updateable, when things change, we can push it out, we don't have to worry about pulling pages out of a three ring binder.

John Koch Corporate Safety Manager at GNC

Georg Fischer Central Plastics was looking for a way to communicate and educate during emergency situations with our employees across the US. In Case of Crisis was chosen to fill that need. Every employee now has a way to contact a member of senior management, report a concern or event, obtain benefit information as well as additional tools to perform his or her job effectively.

Dani Shields Director of Human Resources at Georg Fischer

In Case of Crisis is a one-stop thing. It saves not only my team's time, but my time as well.

Jeri Connolly Safety and Environment Supervisor at ValsparPRO Solutions

The In Case of Crisis App is by far the most effective, easy to use and cost effective platform of its kind in the market. Clients are always delighted that the app is quick to deploy and the benefit in terms of a high level crisis preparedness are immediate.

Mike Hatcliffe Founder and President at The Hatcliffe Group LLC
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