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About RockDove Solutions

RockDove Solutions is based in the Washington, DC market and the developer of In Case of Crisis 365, an award-winning, issue and crisis management platform. We support some of the most recognized brands, including hundreds of organizations public and private, large and small. The user community has grown to a global footprint since our launch at the London Olympics in 2012. 

Our mission is simple.  

We help organizations move from static plans and generic company tools, to a purpose-built issue and crisis management platform. In Case of Crisis 365 gives clients instant access to their plans in a truly actionable format, including playbooks, intelligent workflows, responsive communications and insightful reporting. In Case of Crisis 365 clients are better prepared to respond faster and more efficiently to emerging threats.

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The ability to keep everyone coordinated through one platform is instrumental to our response, ongoing communication, and ultimate success.

Mark Hayes Vice President, External Communications, Farm Credit Council
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It takes inaccessible formal documentation and turns it into something that is interactive, readily accessible, and responsive.

David Kidd VP of Governance, Risk and Compliance, Peak
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In Case of Crisis has dramatically increased the usability and accessibility of our crisis plan resources and protocols.

Nicholas Donnison Director Quality & Crisis Preparedness (Americas), Cathay Pacific
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