Finally, an Issue and Crisis Management Solution that Works Where You Work

In Case of Crisis 365—the purpose-built platform that removes the complexity of responding to and resolving emerging issues and crises by easily connecting your cross-functional teams and stakeholders to actionable playbooks, intelligent workflow, and powerful communication services.

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Widespread Instability

Widespread Instability

Widespread Instability

Fueled by the digital economy, globalization, a rise in natural disasters and a shift towards decentralized workforces, companies are facing increased vulnerability and exposure as issues and crises are emerging at a higher frequency and unfolding at an unprecedented rate from an increasing number of sources.  

The Cost of a Crisis is Immense

The cost of not executing an effective response can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, even organizations that have invested in sound plans find it difficult to operationalize their efforts. Traditional technologies, and communication services are either not built for crisis response and lack the agility to address the ever evolving nature of an emerging threat. 


Leaving Most Organizations Feeling Underprepared, and Vulnerable. 

Be Better Prepared and Respond Faster

In Case of Crisis Meeting

Be Better Prepared and Respond Faster

  • Enable best practice workflows to respond to emerging threats
  • Bring the right people together quickly, and securely 
  • Create and share up-to-date playbooks with key stakeholders

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"In Case of Crisis brings the information to life and makes it usable."

-Nicholas Donnison, Director of Quality & Crisis Preparedness (Americas), Cathay Pacific

What makes us different


In Case of Crisis 365 was purpose-built for the issue and crisis management life-cycle, making it intuitive for everyone at your organization.

Easy to Set Up and Adopt

With a dedicated Client Success Manager, content formatting services, set up and live training, and ongoing support, you are up and running quickly with your plans accessible, always available and your people connected.


Built to make your content actionable, integrate your existing tech stack, now including Microsoft Teams, and protect your team, without straining your resources.

Purpose-Built Platform

In Case of Crisis 365 is the purpose-built platform for the full spectrum of issue and crisis management, from Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management, Corporate and Crisis Communications, to Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Response and Workplace/Occupational Health and Safety, that enables your organization to leverage key features built for your needs. 

Purpose-Created Content

Resources Built to Help Your Crisis and Emergency Response Teams

Purpose-Created Content

We’re always developing videos, eBooks, assessments, eCourses, blog posts, and participating in webinars, conferences and events that are centered around issue and crisis content management. 

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Purpose-Driven Team 

purposedrivenTeam_UNmasked purposedrivenTeam_masked

Purpose-Driven Team 

Fueled by passion, The RockDove Solutions team is purpose-driven, perhaps even obsessed with supporting issue and crisis management, emergency preparedness and planning, corporate and crisis communications, business continuity planning and disaster response.

Our development team exclusively supports the In Case of Crisis 365 platform.

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