Pricing for In Case of Crisis
Software and Services

Easy for your people. Easy on your budget.

First, choose the right In Case of Crisis edition for your business needs


Transform your static plans into actionable playbooks.

  • Publish an Unlimited number of Playbooks
  • Access to Playbooks via App, and Browser
  • Custom Plan Content and Branding
  • Auto Update User Lists, and Call Lists
  • Share Secure or Public Access to Playbooks
  • Provide Incident Reporting Workflow
  • Include User Checklists and URL linking
  • Send Unlimited Notifications to Users
  • Support Single-Sign-On Access
  • Integrate with Microsoft Teams


Add notifications and collaboration services.

  • Includes all the Prepare features, plus:
  • Send Mass Email Notifications
  • Send Mass Text Notifications
  • Send Microsoft Teams Notifications
  • Send Polls to Users
  • Connect with Two-way Secure Chat
  • User Real-time Group Checklists
  • Connect to Everbridge, AlertMedia, OnSolve, and Regroup*


Manage your teams, stakeholders, and response in one place

  • Includes all the Respond features, plus:
  • Run Virtual Tabletop Exercises
  • Capture Alerts and Incident Report
  • Assess Threats and Activate your Teams
  • Coordinate and Track Response Efforts
  • Communicate with Stakeholders
  • Manage Holding Statements
  • Build a Common Operating Picture
  • Create After-Action Reports
  • Share Executive Briefings

*A separate contract is required for 3rd party services.

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Gain Situational Awareness

  • Monitor 1,000s of Intelligence Channels
  • Analyst Vetted Information
  • Get Tailored Smart Alerts
  • View Real-Time Visual Dashboards
  • Import Assets for Proximity Based Tracking

Enhanced Notifications

Expanded Alert Features

  • Send Text to Voice
  • Use Geo Fencing Criteria
  • Bypass Opt-in Requirements
  • Do Roll-Calls with Reporting