Introducing In Case of Crisis 365

The purpose-built platform that removes the complexity of responding to and resolving emerging issues and crises by easily connecting your cross-functional teams and stakeholders to actionable playbooks, intelligent workflow, and powerful communication services.

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Be Better Prepared and Respond Faster

Companies are facing increased vulnerability and exposure as issues and crises are emerging at a higher frequency and unfolding at an unprecedented rate from an increasing number of sources and the cost of not executing an effective response can be catastrophic.

In Case of Crisis 365 is the purpose-designed platform developed for the dynamic issue and crisis management life-cycle.

Features Overview

Keeps Your Team copy

Keeps Your Team Connected. Anytime. Anywhere.

In Case of Crisis 365 is supported on more than 2,000 different mobile device types across multiple operating platforms. Content resides natively so even when disconnected from a network your team remains connected to the critical information they need regardless of their location and access to physical resources. 

  • Apple iOS
  • Google Android
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Browser Access (Issues Management)

3 Playbooks

Actionable Playbooks Eliminate Uncertainty 

Clearly defined role-based access to actionable content allows the critical response procedures you’ve developed to be deployed and operationalized, eliminating uncertainty and confusion. With an understanding of their unique roles and responsibilities, your team knows how to remain on process throughout your response.

  • Guidelines become actionable workflows
  • Content access based on your criteria, role, location or groups 
  • Plans and protocols are easily updated and synced for all users
  • Branded interface with your layout and menu options
  • Template playbooks available


Reduce Response Time with Secure Access to Collaborative Content and Communication 

The right content is only helpful if it is accessible, functional, easy to use, secure and collaborative. Diverse communications options allow your response team to collaborate, remaining efficient, agile and transparent. With platform native role-based access your organization reduces confusion and vulnerability throughout the issue and crisis lifecycle. 

  • Broadcast Alerts
  • Shared Checklist
  • Secure Chat
  • Polling

“The all-in-one functionality of the platform, all based on your mobile phone so you have to have it with you at all times, is hard to beat. The ability to keep everyone coordinated through one platform is instrumental to the response, ongoing communication and, ultimately, our success.”


- Mark Hayes, Vice President, External Communications, Farm Credit Council

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Document. Track. Resolve.

Your response to emerging threats is accessible, on-process and on-message, allowing an issue to be managed before it escalates to a crisis. Vital information is aligned with the plans you’ve developed for the unique threats that your organization faces, allowing issues to be resolved before they impact your reputation or valuation. 

  • Create cross-functional teams with unique user roles and auto-assign issues based on your criteria 
  • Collaborate and share resources from the field
  • Intelligent workflows with built-in notifications
  • High-level and in-depth insights and actionable reporting

Bring Actionable Information

Insightful Reports Bring Actionable Information

With real-time access to up-to-the minute information, the In Case of Crisis 365 platform provides the transparency required to keep executives and stakeholders informed, while the team remains focused on their roles and responsibilities. 

  • Situation Reports
  • Executive Tracker Report
  • Stakeholder/Influencer Reports
  • After Action Report

Enterprise-Grade Solution

Protect Your Business with an Enterprise-Grade Solution that Meets Today's Security and Data Privacy Standards

The bar for organizations is merciless, there is no margin of error. To remain a step ahead, issue and crisis management teams need access to a purpose-built solution that is as dynamic as the threats they are presented with, and is easy for all users. Onboard, deploy and operationalize the critical content you’ve developed for issue and crisis management and protect your business from the growing list of threats. 

  • A secure platform, encrypted end-to-end, hosted on a SOC 2 compliant server 
  • Single sign-on available
  • Integration with your existing enterprise tools for secure access management
  • A dedicated Client Success Manager who is assigned at onboarding and remains with your team

Service Levels

In Case of Crisis is offered in three service levels, ensuring your organization has access to exactly what you need.





Access. Anytime. Anywhere

Enterprise Security and Privacy

Actionable Playbook Publishing

Alerting and Polling Services


Shared Checklist & Secure Chat


Issues Management


Advanced Reporting 



Purpose Driven Team

Fueled by a passion, The RockDove Solutions team is purpose-driven, perhaps even obsessed with supporting issue and crisis management, emergency preparedness and crisis management, corporate and crisis communications, business continuity planning and disaster response. Our development team exclusively supports the In Case of Crisis 365 platform, informed in collaboration with Leadership, the Client Success Team, the Service Team and a Client Advisory Board.

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