Crisis Communications in the age of COVID-19
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We partnered with WordWrite Communications on this webinar to  explore how to marry traditional crisis techniques with the latest technology to keep your company prepared for what lies ahead.

Topics in the webinar include:

  • How will COVID-19 change the way we approach crisis communications in the future?
  • Is there content that organizations typically include in their crisis communications plan that they might NOT need to include?
  • How does corporate culture play a role in preventing and responding to crises?
  • What are tips on being proactive instead of reactive in times of crisis and how to smoothly evolve messaging as new information is brought to light?

Lastly, a digital 'Crisis Planning Resource' playbook will be presented. You can receive access to this complimentary playbook by filling out the form below. 



From global companies to small non-profits, hundreds of organizations trust In Case of Crisis to respond to thousands of issues quickly and confidently. The result is lives saved, reputations maintained, and shareholder value preserved.

Dine Brands
Farm Credit
Fluid Master
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The ability to keep everyone coordinated through one platform is instrumental to our response, ongoing communication, and ultimate success.

Mark Hayes Vice President, External Communications, Farm Credit Council
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I didn't want to rely on paper emergency plans because our managers might be outside after an evacuation, or an emergency could hit while at home during off-hours.

Leah Sawyer Business Continuity Manager North America at Staples Inc. HQ
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“It helps bring to life the information in the plans for the end users and makes the plan content more viable to access and apply.

Nicholas Donnison Director Quality & Crisis Preparedness for Cathay Pacific in the Americas
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