Trust Center

At RockDove Solutions, the protection and privacy of your company and end-user data is one of our top priorities. We have built an enterprise mobile solution that offers end-to-end encryption and much more. In this Trust Center you can view public facing security documentation, unlock protected security policies, and view a brief overview of RockDove Solutions multi-faceted approach to security.


In Case of Crisis Policies

RockDove Solutions Security Overview may be viewed below, all other policies may be requested but require contacting RockDove Solutions through the Request Documentation below.

Security Documentation

GDPR Compliance: Detailing RockDove Solutions’ controls and processes in place for compliance.

Security Policy: Comprehensive policy sets in line with SOC2 and ISO 27001 standards.

Patch Management: Policy detailing all processes involved in In Case of Crisis patches.

Risk Management: Policy detailing a comprehensive risk assessment and required process and policies needed to manage all finding.

Trust In Case of Crisis

Security Feature by topic:

App Security

Credential Management
Code Analysis
App Data Encryption

Data Privacy

Secure Cookies
Data Breach Notification
Data Privacy Officer

Access Control

Authorized-Only Data Access
Secure Password Management


Cloud Status Monitoring
AWS / Azure Services

Endpoint Security

Disk Encryption
Endpoint Monitoring
Threat Detection

Network Security

AWS Security Tools

Data Security

Access Monitoring
Realtime Database Backups
Data Erasure

Product Security

Audit Logging
Customer Data Protection


Network Diagram
Penetration Test Reports
Organization Reports

Security Grades

Qualsys SSL Labs A+
Annual Third Party -
Penetration Testing

Corporate Security

Email Protection
Security Training
Incident Response


GDPR Compliant

How Your Organization Benefits

Common Operating Picture

Get a common operating picture by managing all your incidents in one place

Enhances Your Program

Builds automation process for your team structure, scale and workflow

Improve Response Times

Improve response times with instant activation and automated response protocols

Protect Privileged Information

Use a protected privileged workspace with secure access, user defined roles and privileges

Prepare Your Organization

Transform your plans into secure, actionable, role-based playbooks accessed anywhere

Train Your People

Build efficacy by hosting virtual tabletop exercises with your teams and key stakeholders

Communicate Better

Communicate with your people using the latest alerting, two-way, and rich media features

Keep Leadership Informed

Share timely briefings and after-action reports (AAR) with automated feedback and archiving