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RockDove Solutions is based in the Washington, DC market and is the developer of In Case of Crisis 365, an award-winning, issue and crisis management platform. We support some of the most recognized brands, including hundreds of organizations public and private, large and small. The user community has grown to a global footprint since our launch at the London Olympics in 2012. 

Our mission is simple.  

We help organizations move from static plans and generic company tools, to a purpose-built issue and crisis management platform. In Case of Crisis 365 gives clients instant access to their plans in a truly actionable format, including playbooks, intelligent workflows, responsive communications, and insightful reporting. In Case of Crisis 365 clients are better prepared to respond faster and more efficiently to emerging threats.

Modern Crises Require Actionable Information


The early two thousands saw unprecedented convergence of mass crises taking place just as advancements in technology and social media allowed those crises to be witnessed in real-time with access to unfiltered and unverified reports, and yet no actionable information. From the terrorist attacks of 911 and Hurricane Katrina, to mass shootings at schools, workplaces and places of worship, you’ve had to rely on static crisis plans and materials that were often in fixed locations and inaccessible, while the flow of information into news and social media was happening in real-time. 

As business leaders watched their teams throughout these crises, a common denominator emerged. Teams didn’t have access to real time crisis information, and yet they had access to their mobile devices. And thus, at the peak opportunity for technology adoption and innovative thinking, the vision for In Case of Crisis was born. 

A platform-based solution, In Case of Crisis 365 houses the critical crisis management, crisis communications, emergency preparedness, issue/incident management, business continuity planning, disaster response, emergency preparedness, workplace/occupational safety and health, plans, and protocols you and your team need to ensure you are prepared to respond in real-time, from wherever you are. 

Meet the Executive Team

Chris Britton
Chris Britton

Chief Operating Officer

Ray Baldwin

Chief Technology Officer

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Courtney Rowe

Director of Product Management

David Hill

Senior Architect

Jeff Robertson

Senior Director of IT

Maggie Stevens

Senior Director of Marketing

Megan Kaplar

Director of Marketing

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