In Case of Crisis 365

An award-winning risk management Platform


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Be Better Prepared and Respond Faster

The In Case of Crisis 365 platform helps your organization operate with confidence facing the rising risk levels from natural disasters to cyber-attacks, civil unrest to product recalls. We help your company identify, prepare for and respond to emerging threats.

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The Features You Need

Threat Intelligence & Social Listening

Receive smart alerts from over 14,000 intelligence channels. View customized dashboards with your assets on maps.  Track your brand.


Issue & Incident Management

Manage the full life cycle of incidents and ongoing issues across your organization. 


Intelligent & Automated Workflow

Improve response speed, program efficacy and message consistency.


Stakeholder Communications

Simplify communication and collaboration among internal AND external stakeholders at any time, anywhere.


Actionable Playbooks

Keep stakeholders informed and focused on their specific tasks with access to playbooks based on their role, location or more.


Centralized & Secure Workspace

Get “just in time” access to the most current information in one central and secure workspace.


Support Your Process

Customize configurations that align with your processes and procedures to accelerate adoption and improve efficacy.


Easy Access Anywhere

Make adoption and participation easy with global access from any device, anywhere, even inside of Microsoft Teams.


Scale to Your Enterprise

Scale and support any organization and team no matter the size or industry.


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Solutions to Manage Your Organization's Risk

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Reputation Risk Management

Social listening through the issue management life cycle,  communicate your company’s position fast. Protect your corporate and brand reputation.  Speed of response and consistency of message are critical. Learn more>

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Security Risk Management

Proactive monitoring and a well-planned response are essential to preventing loss of life, damage to property and continuity of operations. Learn more>

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Critical Event Management

Identify emerging threats, activate the right people and plans to quickly respond to incidents and mitigate crises.  Keeping your people safe and your business operating.   Learn more>

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Workplace Safety Management

Provide instant access to safety protocols, training, inspections and incident tracking. Drive a safe culture, and regulatory compliance. Learn more>

What Our Clients Are Saying About In Case of Crisis 365

“Using In Case of Crisis 365 within Microsoft Teams enables our employees and suppliers to easily participate.  Our executives love it.”

- VP of Risk & Compliance, Global Bank

“Making sure our store managers have instant access to holding statements for the issues they face daily is critical, In Case of Crisis 365 does that for us.”

- Director of Communications, National Retailer

“Integrating threat monitoring and the incident management essential, also being able to provide situational playbooks to our people is a game-changer.“

- Security Director, Beverage Manufacturer