Role-based and Actionable Playbooks

Always have access to the current version of your plans and stay connected with your stakeholders.

Easy. Secure. Anytime Access.

Access From Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime

Playbooks can be published to desktops and more than 2,000 different mobile devices types and across multiple operating platforms, including Microsoft Teams. Content resides natively in the mobile app, when disconnected from a network your team remains connected to the critical information they need. 

Actionable Playbooks Eliminate Uncertainty

Your Brand, Layout and Protocols

Publish playbooks with your branding, custom layouts following your business processes and protocols.  Leverage a library of templates to accelerate your roll-out.  Create role-based views for your different stakeholders. 


Activate, Inform and Engage Your Stakeholders 

Publish once and all your playbook subscribers are automatically updated with the most current version. 

  • Send mass notifications
  • Initiate real-time polls
  • Share accurate and approved guidance
  • Receive incident reports
  • Share checklists and call lists
  • Securely connect with live chat