Issue and Incident Management

Easily bring your teams together to manage emerging threats and ongoing issues across your organization

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Automatically Capture Incidents and Issues

Corporations have seen a pronounced increase in the number and severity of threats worldwide. Proactive monitoring and response is a major factor in preventing loss of life, damage to property, reputation, and continuity of operations.

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Manage Your Issues

As issues come in, they can be automatically routed to the right team or put in a staging queue for assignment. You see only the issues that you are assigned to.  Receive alerts as new issues arrive or existing ones have updates.  See how your issues are trending, track severity level and a log of activity to date.

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Everything in One Secure Workspace 

Manage the full-cycle of issues with intelligent workflow.  Instantly bring together the right cross-functional teams.

  • Efficiently collaborate on your response efforts. Also, you can fully integrate with Microsoft Teams.
  • Manage holding and position statements
  • Keep everyone on task with shared checklists
  • Securely communicate with stakeholders and team members
  • Create a repository of key documents for each issue
  • Automatically produce after-action and executive briefing reports

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Automated Reporting and Archiving

Easily create and share reports with your team and other key stakeholders.  Produce summary of the issues being worked.  When an issue is resolved automatically create an after-action report.  All reports and data are archived and searchable.

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Create Instant Adoption with Microsoft Teams Integration

Now you can set up your teams and stakeholders in minutes with our Microsoft Teams integration.  Connect to the issues and incident management services from a Microsoft Teams channel, while still being able to use the service outside of Microsoft Teams, as well.