Online Threat Intelligence and Social Listening

Global threat monitoring customized for your enterprise and your teams.


Proactive Monitoring and Response

Corporations have seen a pronounced increase in the number and severity of threats worldwide. Proactive monitoring and response is a major factor in preventing loss of life, damage to property, reputation and continuity of operations.

Next Generation Capability

Partnering with our security technology partner, Swan Island Networks, we offer a world-class threat intelligence and social listening platform to streamline monitoring for global teams. Integrated with the In Case of Crisis 365 platform, now you can respond to threats in real-time, so you can keep your people safe, your business running and reputation intact.

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Intelligence Channels

Gather late-breaking intel from an expansive gallery of highly filtered, trusted sources, and import and curate your own feeds.

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Smart Alerts

Deliver relevant alerts to individuals and teams, tailored to each recipient's geography, authorization, preferences, and profile.

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Monitor relevant threats in real-time on a common operating picture dashboard and determine the potential impact of an incident on your assets.

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Import corporate assets and facilities locations for proximity-based threat monitoring and Smart Alerting.