Crisis Winner or Loser? Take a Two Minute Readiness Test

Crisis Reputation Management

The roll call of high profile companies whose reputation is still recovering following a crises over recent years includes several who took on greater damage because of the inadequacy of their response to the initial problem.

Think BP and the then CEO’s infamous observation that he “would like his life back”.

Or Target’s attempts to wish away a major data leak that compromised its customers’ bank accounts.

Or Sony’s stalled understanding that media coverage of the toxic content of the stolen emails made it the villain not the victim in the eyes’ of the public.

And most recently, VW’s much criticized handling of revelations that it was cheating on vehicle emissions’ tests.

So how well equipped is your organization to do the right thing should the worst happen?

Here’s ten simple questions to ask yourself that will give an early warning whether you will be a crisis winner or a loser.

  1. Do you have a plan for what to do in a crisis? YES/NO
  2. Was the crisis plan updated in the past year? YES/NO
  3. Could you quickly access the plan from anywhere? YES/NO 
  4. Do you have a team in place to manage a crisis? YES/NO
  5. Is the list of team members and contact numbers up to date? YES/NO
  6. Is the team trained to handle crises? YES/NO
  7. Has the plan and team been tested with a drill in the past year? YES/NO
  8. Do you monitor issues such as cyber-security, impending government policy and the strength of your reputation? YES/NO
  9. Do you monitor social media for adverse comments about your organization? YES/NO
  10. Do you maintain good relationships with your most important media? YES/NO   

If you answered YES to three or less: Hope is not a strategy! You will be a crisis loser.

If you answered YES to between four and six: You have some protection – but you are depending on a big slice of luck.

If you answered YES to between seven and nine: Likely to be a winner – but why not make sure by tying up those loose ends.

If you answered YES to all ten: Winner!

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