News Release: RockDove Solutions Announces New Collaboration Features

WASHINGTONMarch 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- And we thought 2017 was a year for crises.

Presidential tweets continue. Gun control. Cyber thefts. Sexual misconduct. Brand mis-judgments. Product failures. Corporate malfeasance. Extreme weather. Activist consumers. Political polarization. There continue to be a lot of hazards to navigate. 

 A common theme is that digital information and new technology is dramatically impacting the source of reputation threats and the speed by which issues emerge and accelerate into full blown crises.

Everyone is now on social media. We've all got smartphones with sophisticated video cameras.  It is clear that the crisis plan sitting in a 3-ring binder, traditional alert services, email and file sharing apps are no longer adequate to meet the speed and scope of threats facing organizations in the new normal.

Today, RockDove Solutions announces a new collaboration version of In Case of Crisis, the award-winning crisis management platform used by over 750 global brands across all industries.  The new collaboration version, combines the needs for mobile access to actionable content with team collaboration.  Below are a few of the new features integrated with current app workflow:

  • Shared Checklists - Create, assign and track tasks as a group with live updates and notifications.  The tasks can be adhoc, right out of the plan or both.  Add or remove team members as needed.
  • Secure Chat - Instantly invite, engage and capture conversations and updates with your team during a crisis in a secure chat room with built in notifications. Easily add other functional leaders, such as legal counsel to your privileged conversations. 
  • After Action Reporting - Both during and after a crisis, now your teams can access the latest updates, tasks completed, conversation threads, incident reports and communication logs.

Chris Britton, COO of RockDove Solutions, the developer of In Case of Crisis, comments:  "With the new collaboration version of In Case of Crisis, communicators and leaders can quickly activate their people, access key plan details, collaborate live with team members and report the results during and after the event."  Chris continues, "I am not aware of any other solution that brings together the issues and crisis management workflow like In Case of Crisis. When the worst happens, it is crucial the team comes together quickly and works well together.  That is what the platform supports even more effectively with these new features. The platform is easy to setup and use, whether you have a team of 10 or a group of 10,000."

To learn more about the new collaboration version of In Case of Crisis, go to  


RockDove Solutions, Inc. is a privately-held and woman-owned business, based in St. Petersburg, FL. It developed In Case of Crisis, the award-winning enterprise crisis management platform. The company has enjoyed 950% growth in the past three years and serves more than 750 institutions, large and small, public and private.

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