A Crisis Management Plan for Everyone Else


How do your people know what to do, when? – What is the next generation in emergency flipbooks? 

Today, we develop plans and test them. Great. We update them. Great. But, where are they when you need them? How do we make specific information available to employees, emergency team members, departmental leadership, and senior management 24/7? We can see the impacts of crises, but always the cause of failure. 

In a crisis, senior management has their crisis management plan. But, what about everyone else? Too many times, we find plan binders on a shelf with outdated contacts and information. The emergency flipbook will do no good in a desk drawer. 

What does everyone have? Today, every employee has a smartphone with them. Your employees’ smartphone are the key to critical information instantly whether the internet is down or cell towers are not working. 

Check out the webinar, "What About Everyone Else" presented by Chris Britton, COO – RockDove Solutions (Developer of In Case of Crisis), and Jim Satterfield, President/COO - Firestorm, and learn why some organizations fail in a crisis while others transform crisis into value. 

Watch the Webinar!

For more information, check out Firestorm's blog, and learn their take on the next generation of a crisis management plan.