Ten key questions for any organization NOT using a crisis app

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That dreaded call arrives.

There’s been a massive theft of company data. A senior officer has been charged with fraud. An industry regulator is threatening public action. There have been multiple reports of serious defects in the product.

There’s already chatter on social media. Calls are coming in from customers.

It’s only a matter of time before the story blows up across the digi-verse.

You need the crisis team to organize a response, quickly.

You need to activate your crisis plan, right now.

You reach for your smartphone. The crisis management app is your gateway to a fast and effective crisis response.

With a few touches of icons within the app, the crisis team is together, accessing resources prepared for just this moment and using tools to collaborate on a fast, effective response.

That’s the way it would work if the worst was to happen to your organization, right?


You still clinging on to a paper-based plan? Still hoping that the information on the shared drive will be accessible and usable? Or that the team, once it does get together, can make the right decisions without even needing a plan?

Clearly, we are biased, as our award-winning crisis management app In Case of Crisis is the leader in the category – and we know budgets are not unlimited.

But in the digital era where a threat can appear, blossom and become a major problem in a very short time – it is now the moment for every organization to have the insurance of a fast and effective crisis response.

If you are still in doubt, an honest answer to these ten very real questions will help:

  1. How high is your confidence that the organization’s crisis preparedness plan would be accessible and usable in a crisis that broke out of normal business hours?
  2. At weekends or holidays, how quickly could you bring the crisis team and the organization’s leadership together to organize a response?
  3. How would you connect and collaborate in real time with colleagues at overseas locations, especially if they needed plans in their own language?
  4. How prepared would your team be if the worst happens – have they had any training or preparation for that moment?
  5. Do you have confidence that the technology tools deployed by your team have a proven track record in real crisis situations?
  6. If the adverse event, such as extreme weather, has led to a power outage with loss of internet connectivity, how would the team gain access to the crisis plan content?
  7. How secure would be the chat and online conversations among team members?
  8. How easy would it be to keep track of who was doing what and to know when tasks had been completed?
  9. Would you anticipate that the risks to your organization are rising and will continue to do so?
  10. Do you still believe you are ready to respond quickly and effectively to a significant and fast-moving threat to your organization’s business and reputation?

Of course, you could always have a taste of life with a crisis app by downloading In Case of Crisis and a sample plan on your own mobile device, with no obligation whatsoever.

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