Are You A Leader in Using New Technology? 10 Questions to Consider


Are you one of the many communications professionals who are clinging to old ways of doing things when more innovative technology is available to make your job more effective?

Or, are you one of the few blazing trails, being adventurous and taking on new technology tools even in the face of skepticism from more conservative colleagues?

In our last blog, we highlighted repeated surveys which point to how difficult it is for communicators and marketing professional to keep up with new technology in the workplace.

There was the Walker Sands report in July this year, and last year a PRSA survey reached similar conclusions about PR professionals.

We at In Case of Crisis are biased, but our own conversations with crisis management professionals reveal a similar trend.

We know there is much to discuss and understand about adopting our award-winning mobile crisis communications platform, In Case of Crisis.

However, the vastly increased effectiveness of a one-touch app on your smartphone to access your crisis plan and activate your team compared to traditional paper-based plans in a 3-ring binder, really should not be one of the debating points at this stage of the technology revolution!

So, are you a leader or a laggard in the adoption of new technology?

Here’s ten questions to help you answer the question.

Have you ever:

1. Called a meeting, in a proper meeting room with coffee, for your team so everyone could help overcome a problem on a project?


2. Got frustrated on a video call that you cannot leave the prepared deck to have all the callers instantly brainstorm a challenge that has arisen?


3. Traveled hundreds of miles for a meeting that lasted two hours or less?


4. Complained about how many emails you receive?


5. Wondered if you have the right message for your campaign and wished there was a quick way to test it before you commit?


6. Watched a news report of a crisis at some other brand and wondered where your organization’s crisis plan is?


7. Felt uneasy that there are cultural, social and political issues important to your business without being sure where your consumers stand on the same issues?


8. Wondered how exactly you would get the crisis team together if the worst happened on a holiday weekend?


9. Had a gnawing sense you did not have a complete picture of what people were saying about your brand, its service and products across social media?


10. Watched a news report of extreme weather and wondered how you would contact colleagues and employees if one of your offices was impacted?


There’s a technology that makes every one of these tasks easier and more effective.