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Risk & Costs of Not Having a Business Continuity Management Program

Considering the number of threats that organizations face today, it may be surprising to learn that the majority of companies are not prepared for a business-affecting emergency. Unfortunately, it’s true: The Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council found that nearly three quarters of organizations worldwide aren’t properly protecting their data and systems.

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3 Differences Between Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity

Emergency preparedness, business continuity, crisis response, emergency management: These and other related terms are often discussed as if they are synonyms that all refer to the process of responding to and mitigating a crisis event. In reality, they are very different business functions. It’s particularly important for organizations to understand the difference between emergency preparedness and business continuity in order to ensure that they are correctly accounting for each.

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Mock Disaster Scenarios: How to Test Your Disaster Preparedness Plan

Remember when you were in school and you had a pop quiz? These pop quizzes were a great way for your teacher to test if you were paying attention in class and for your teacher to test out his/her teaching methods. The test results helped you and they helped your teacher.

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Audit Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan Actionable?

Audit Your Disaster Recovery Plan With This Infographic 

Having a disaster recovery program in place isn’t the same as being truly prepared for a potential disaster. Truly successful preparation involves regular audits and reviews of your plans.

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